Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Long day gone...

Well, I seemed to have survived the initial act of my oldest moving out. A little tearful when I walk into her room and see everything gone. But, reassured that I've raise a smart daughter and a good person. 

Today was deadline day and so it was a nonstop Tuesday as usual. In addition to my wonderful husband being thoughtful enough to bring me dinner, he also brought my grandson by to say hi! He snuck by and picked him up from daycare. Grandpa is missing him just as much as I do. Even his teenage aunt and uncles are noticeably suffering from the absence of the little guy.....and though they wouldn't admit it (even under severe water torture) I think they miss their older sister a bit too.

I got a good laugh out of our local sheriff's clerk today. I really think he believes himself to be a self-proclaimed savior and world problem solver. Today he wrote us a letter saying he knew how to save America from the bail-out problem. (He must have gotten hold of a recent erroneous email floating around cyberspace) He swore that if the government would pay the american people instead of bailing out the financial institutions people would be paying off mortgages, college tuitions and buying cars with cash....yadda, yadda, yadda. 

Problem was that he didn' t do the math......the entire formula worked out to $465.00 per person NOT the $465,000.00 he was touting. (Sound anything like the recent stimulus checks we received not too long ago?)

Now I am not saying I am in favor of or against the bail-out. I'm just saying that the poor fella didn't do his homework like so many others who blindly pass along these anonymous emails. I mean my God - If your going to hitch your wagon to a star, at least make sure it is not a falling one!

Oh well, it made me laugh today. I don't know about you but it will take a hell of a lot more than $465 to pay off my mortgage and send my 3 remaining children to college. But Hey, maybe his financial advisor has a few tricks up his sleeve that mine doesn't know about.

Its been a long day and it is time for me to sneak off home to bed. Hope your day was good and even better tomorrow.....

Sweet dreams,

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The FarmHouse Triplets said...


You're a hoot. Just visited after you visited me. You're a terrific writer. I hope you continue!

I have to tell you .. it's hard when the kids start moving out. Here we Mom's keep the nest for years and years and then how dare one of them to fly!?

Good luck to you and it's good to meet you!