Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bad Blogger.....Part Deux

Okay, like a Band-Aid…I’m going to catch the rest of the missing link up quick - in one rip, one breath even so here it goes…….

Deep breath….. 

After the Ren Fest we spent the next day doing family things, running, errands, dinner, moving a few last things of Meg’s - the  next week was spent working from early to late, covering a late hour open house on Wednesday, a community meeting on Thursday and Friday was filled with doing next Monday’s work a head of time on top of regular Friday work - Tuesday was filled with left over Monday work in addition to Wednesday’s work all because I had to go out of town on a business meeting and would be gone for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday of that same week was spent catching up on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday’s work so that we could have an actual paper the next week. Saturday we woke up early to go watch the Missouri Western Homecoming parade that our high school band was participating and that my 8th grade son was invited to march in. That afternoon we ran errands around the city, picked up four, yes four, scarecrows from Michaels (they were on sale!) Hit the bookstore for coffee and a read, pet store for crickets and headed back home. That afternoon I went into work to update our website, then we were off to a friend’s house to help him cut down, cut up and split a tree on his property. Sunday we were up and at ‘em early. It was winter wood cutting time. We traveled through four different pastures and tree lines, selecting trees, cutting, hauling and splitting wood then stacking it on the trailer. After the wood was stacked we all huddled around the bon fire, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows - YUM - Monday was spent working still catching up and then covering a hearing - over garage sales no less - and Tuesday was spent getting ready for Wednesday’s publication! Yesterday we got the week’s paper out and then… has been somewhat normal. 

gasp……cough…..deeeeeeep breath! 

And there you have it. 

I think I will take tomorrow off…being so busy has left my homestead in a shambles. I don’t know where you find the Stepford potion….but I could use it right about now. My kids have decided that with mom working so much it is okay to leave a trail of socks, shoes, various other clothing items, dishes, books and video games in a snail-like fashion all over the house.

 Maybe it is like Hansel and Gretel….they are worried about getting lost in our mansion of a home so they need to leave a trail to find their way back!

 I’d buy it but, our house is not a mansion and even after they find their way back…..the trail is still there! It only disappears with my threats of banishment from the kingdom. 

Besides, I have some creative juices I need to put to rest. So I will take tomorrow and enjoy some time by myself sketch a little, clean some house, write a chapter or two, do my laundry, sew on a couple of projects….yes….I can taste the peacefulness productiveness as I type.

 Can’t wait!

 I’m blogged out for the day….I’ll leave you with some pictures from the last week to keep you entertained…..or tortured….whichever.

A 1 a.m. house fire....nothing like standing in the rain documenting a flaming structure! No one lived there though, so that was a good thing.

There's my boy.....On the left.

Not exactly the Axe Men....but we did get some firewood for the winter!

"Hey grandma....what's that?'

"Hi Jaden....See....It's a fuzzy catapillar."

"I want to hold it Grandma."

"Okay....That's enough. I'm done."

Have a wonderful day....I'll talk to you all very soon!

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CrossView said...

Love the photos! Enjoy your break...