Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Contest Give-A-Way!!

Okay, the other day I was talking about having a contest while I was bragging on my new banana grove (see disclaimer on using the word grove in previous post). It means a lot to me to have a private, soothing and relaxing place that I can retreat to when life is nuts, phone won't stop ringing, work is crazy and house, laundry, chores, errands are looming like a big rain cloud waiting to burst and kids are hanging from the ceiling (or about to be hung from the ceiling, but whatever).

I don't care if it is because I need a quiet moment, need to do some deep thinking, need to yoga in the privacy of my own tropical retreat or that my kids have placed me in the chaise lounge because I've finally gone off the deep end and I hear the words from somewhere in a deep trance:

Voice 1:
"Gee, I think mom has gone comatose."

Voice 2:
"What do we do? She is staring off into space, she won't speak and we can't keep up with the drool that keeps running down her chin."

Voice 3:
"We better plant her in the backyard because she always loved it there."

Voice 4:
"Yeah, and there's no one else to make dinner so we need her to rest for like five minutes."

My backyard does something to regenerate me. I asked the other day, what places do you seek out for regeneration? (And I must say that in that post I apparently had horrible moments of weaknesses because there were atrocious misplaced prepositions and dangling participles was a massacre, but I digress...)

So here is the skinny.

Post a comment not this blog that describes where you find your place of solace and maybe even what drives you there. It can be funny, sad, matter of fact or still pending on your wish list.

The contest will go until 10 a.m. on Monday, August 2nd.

I will print all of the comments and have Jaden pick one at random. (Yes, this contest is so official we are having results compiled, tallied, hermetically sealed and delivered to my doorstep by the firm of Robberson, Cheatum and Steal.)

The winner will be posted later that day.

Because my private get-a-way has a tropical theme, you will win a Mini-Tropical Makeover kit for your own get-a-way or a $10 gift certificate to Wal-Mart. YOUR CHOICE!

I can't wait to read your comments....GOOD LUCK!

Smile of the day

How can you just not have a great day when you get little treasures like this...
I haven't forgotten about the contest posting. That will still be posted later today. I just had to stop and share my smile of the day.

I was trudging through the day, just working a way when a little buzz caught my attention.

I picked up my phone, opened the new message and was greeted by the cutest darn faces I know.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Banana Grove...Score!

Now I don't know that six whole banana trees constitutes a grove, heck I don't even know if you call a forest of them a grove. I do know that I am one happy camper since, not only did I get my full size banana trees Saturday, but that I got them PLANTED the same day!
Last weekend I planted over 120 Rose-of-Sharon's that will make an incredible privacy fence next year.

Now, it's simply a matter of time before I am sipping my coffee, tea or amaretto (depends on the moment and mood of the day) in a floral sanctuary, under giant leaves of banana trees while surrounded by my burning Tiki's,

listening to the running water of my ponds and fountains,

and enjoying the various gardens

and potted plants arranged along the deck in my back yard.

my own little piece of heaven on earth..

Even the lizards are happy....


Now it all may be a just parts of my little backyard in the community where I live....but I love it! It's my private little get-a-way when I can't get anywhere else.

Where is your someplace private or special that you like to just sit and relax? Maybe it's a place you travel to. Or maybe, it is a place that you have created for yourself.

Oh, and that contest....I've got my idea. So surf on over tomorrow and I'll post the details.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh yes...A contest

I am thinking of having a contest.....I first have to come up with a fun prize.

Yes, I think next week I will be posting a contest.

Watch for the details and fun to come

I took a little trip…

Not to the Mississip’ but to Iowa.Lamoni, Iowa. I headed out Tuesday mid morning to do a few things for work and to try and beat the predicted storm.
I left Mickey at home because it was just too hot for me to have to worry about him, even in a running car.

I headed north on I-35 and when I reached the visitor’s center what did I spy?

Why metal cows of course…

Did you know that there was a ‘Chief Lamoni’ AND that he had a hotel?

Anyway, not much to update on lately. Just keeping busy with work and getting a lot of planting done at home.

In fact, just last weekend I planted over 120 Rose of Sharon’s, Yucca and Antler Trees….and trust me, I have the blisters to prove it!

I made it back home before the rain fell from the clouds and though it has rained quite a bit lately, you won’t find me complaining because that means less watering for me!

Well I’m headed off to Weston, Mo. today for an antique special. Hope I don’t spend more money than I make!

I’ll bring back pictures.

Have a terrific day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A month of good-byes

I hate saying good-bye.

Especially when it is someone that is dear to my heart.

But in the last three weeks I have had to say good-bye to two people I am very fond of.

First we said good-bye to Jenn. Free spirit, fun-loving, always laughing, kookie, giant-hearted, flip-flop loving Jenn.
She was the Associate Minister of our church who at last conference was re-appointed. We are excited that she is getting her very own church. She will be awesome and the new congregation is so lucky to have her.

Meet Jenn- We threw her farewell luau:
I doubt she'll be wearing this stole during her services at church but it is almost guaranteed you'll find it hanging up on her wall at her office. There is something that represents not only her individuality, but every aspect we love about her on this garment.

We are excited for you Jenn. And we love you.....and if you aren't careful - you'll see us sitting one Sunday in your pews for a surprise visit!

The second good-bye I said this month was just this week.

It was to my friend Tracie, a beautiful, 31 year old, mother, daughter, friend and wife. She went into the hospital on May 13 with a serious lung issue and even though her mind and spirit were strong, her body was not able to pull her through the illness.

She died on Tuesday, July 6th.

She started as a co-worker and ended up as a dear friend. As the years went on, my daughter babysat her sons, we talked together, had fun together, had a few drinks together, continued to work together and best of all- we were friends. She was a sassy little southern girl from Tupelo Mississippi who transplanted in northern Missouri. She was her own unique personality and she never knew a stranger. She was so full of life it is hard to believe she is even gone.

My heart aches.

For the loss of such a vibrant life.

For the loss of a mother who leaves behind three very young boys.

The loss of a friend.

For everything she could have been.

For everything she was.

I love you Tracie.

It is too hard to say much of anything else so I will leave you with a small photo tribute to my friend.

Tracie and her three boys
Tracie, our friend Tarrah and me hamming it up during a trip to Branson, Mo last fall.

Titanic was her favorite movie

Tracie and Tarrah cheesing it up on the Duck Ride

I tried to tell her those ruby slippers wouldn't take her back to Mississippi

RIP Tracie - we are all going to miss you.