Thursday, October 2, 2008

Friends, Pox Parties, revenge and getting back to basics

How's that for a post title?

It has been a couple of days and a lot has gone on. Wednesdays we put the paper to bed and until that point in the week, its crazy around here. I survived yet another week of life and here I am to talk about it. 

I was right, my daughter (you know the one who so tragically kidnapped my grandson recently) still comes home to eat and do laundry. God love young independence! 

The more time I spend on this blog site, the more neat people I find. I am finding some unexpected friends and very enjoyable reads. PDUb and Country Doctor's Wife, you are are both quite humorous experiences. Though Ree, you might need to take it easy on those scary morning drag queens. Even though I know you have an affinity for NY Freaks!

I read in an area paper (Yes, I have to keep an eye on what the competition is up to-its a dirty job but someone has to do it.) about a woman who was attending Chicken Pox parties  with her baby. I am not sure the writer was even old enough to know what that was, but I was a bit humored to hear they still existed. 

I remember as a young kid being so pissed off at my mom after I realized that she'd drug me to my cousin's house to play, have lunch and GET SICK. The excitement of getting to see my cousins hit the ground like Less Nessman's frozen turkeys after I'd dashed into my cousins' house, pried their location from my aunt and ran into the bedroom to be greeted by red-faced polka dotted children lying in bed looking like the last thing they wanted to do was play with me!

The rest of the day was spent in a push and pull contest between my mother, my aunt and me. I was trying to stay as far away from the sickos as possible (I wasn't as stupid back then as I am today), my mother kept trying to heard me into the disease room and my aunt was her partner in crime. 

Ahhhhh, memories. 

By the way, it didn't work. That time. We attended several more Pox Parties before it took.  I still have a scar from my mother's gift of the childhood disease....and not the emotional kind. 

I've often said that mothers have to stick together because the kids outnumber us....but I have never endorsed giving the kids a disease to keep them at bay. Well, okay....maybe that's a lie. 

My sister-in-law and I did the same think to our kids....however, and this is where my stupidity level kicked up a notch, between the two of us....we had 7 kids at the time and I was due with my 4th. And, I mean LITERALLY due. 

When I screw up....well, lets just say that I don't do it in a small way. 

Little did my sister-in-law, or I, realize was that my dear husband (twin to SIL's hubby) had never suffered from the dreaded CP as a child.....or as an adolecent......or as a teen. Nope, in great DH fashion......he got it as an adult. At the SAME time as our 7 children!

So there I sat, doctoring my three kids (ages 6, 3 & 16 mos at the time) AND my husband at the time I was due with my 4th baby at literally any day. Oh, it was a joyful experience.

I used to think that as a mom, unless I pissed my kids of a minimum of at least once a day - I was just not doing my job.  Now that they are getting older, I believe that they are getting their revenge. I really believe that teenagers and young adults are our own mothers' curse reigning down upon us in full form. I myself have uttered the fateful words....."I hope you have one child exactly like you.  THen you'll see."

Never fear. I do have faith in the circle of life though. And, as God as my witness,  I will have the last word.

Maybe I'll show up as a box of cremated ashes long after my death, leaking on counters and needing an explination from my kids as to what the dirt like substance is that the postmaster just wiped on his pants. (By the way - thanks CDW for such a great idea!) 

Or better yet, I'll come back as a stray dog, show up on my kid's doorstep, make them and all the grandkids fall in love with me and then once they think I am too adorable to kick to the curb, I'm going to plague them with my incessant love for digging up the yard and gardens. 

Either way.....I'll enjoy the ride!

This turned into a pretty long post because I had time to sit and physically write it out. Talk about getting back to the basics. Which, is pretty funny considering how the day started. 

This morning we had a staff meeting in which the point was, business is great and this year we are also going to focus on getting back to the basics. As everyone was pumped up and ready to dig in to a new day's work.....the transformers blew......twice.

So, while I had time to sit and think, and catch up on reading those pesky 'other' papers.....I began to think about my column and of my blog. Then I began to jot down some notes (Yes, manual labor is not pretty but putting pencil to paper is sometimes a necessary evil in this time of technology.) Then, it turned into this. 

Lucky you.

Actually - I am a pencil and paper freak. If I were ever a contestant on Survior..scratch that, as much as I tell myself how awesome I am, I could never hang......If ever my Princess cruise boat ran into the perfect storm and left me stranded on a desert island,  I'd  throw the kids overboard and save my pencil and paper. (it's okay....they can swim like fish!) 

Okay, we're back from the bad dream sequence.  I just thought it was funny that after the big hype about getting back to basics.....we all went back to our technology filled offices and I ended up handwriting my weekly column and this blog entry with a pencil.

(But I really meant what I said about saving my pencil and paper)

Have a great day!

p.s. How many of you even caught the fact that I was crazy enough to think I'd bring my four kids on a cruise!?! In a dream even!

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