Monday, September 29, 2008

Crazy Swamped

So life has been right on track with keeping me busy as hell.

Sometimes I think God just thinks things are getting a little boring so he looks down, plucks my little snow globe up off his shelf and shakes it like crazy. 

Not that it is always a bad thing, it just keeps me hopping.

A week ago last Sunday, the 20th, my oldest dropped the bomb that she was moving out. Her father and I were excited for her to begin her next life adventure but she was pretty difficult on the negotiations to leave her son, our grandson, at home with us. That was a toughie.....but we are working it out.....they still eat and do laundry at our house. Oh yeah, didn't I tell you? she gave us ONE WEEK notice. That was a big adjustment for mom and dad's hearts. 

On Saturday, the 27th, we worked like dogs and got her all moved into her great new place. It really is a nice apartment and perfect for her and Jaden

Last week at work I spent my time juggling interviews for potential new writers to assist my staff, a deadline for a Fall Harvest section and deadlines for the weekly paper and daily website. Add that to regular meetings and it is no wonder my work weeks are well over the traditional 40 hours.  

Yes, in a very sick world, I am living my dream. 

My youngest daughter had her Junior Homecoming on Saturday...we had to work that into the crazy moving day. That didn't bode well for Becca, the ride, 'All About Me,' broke down a few times. But with a firm bag 'o tricks, the world was righted with a quick maneuver or two and we were off again. She wore a beautiful tea-length black dress and Meg cut, colored and styled her hair....she was gorgeous....she left for the dance from a friend's house where the girls readied for the dance.....I was a little disappointed, usually all the girls gather at our house for the readying of these events, but it was a little crazy with the move. I am still waiting on pictures. My threat is that she has to dress up again for recreated pics if I don't get them soon...that should light a fire because she HATES to get al dressy, dressy.

At about 1 a.m Sat. morn, I had enough. Meg and Jaden were moved, beds were put up and that was good enough for me. Stephen and I headed home and proceeded to drop dead asleep. I guess Rob, Becca and Aaron weren't far behind us, about 30-40 mins, but I didn't hear them enter the castle.  Sunday we finished the move with final touches of groceries, odds and ends and by Sunday night, Jaden was happy to head to his new home because he was exhausted! And, I was broke!

Meg learned that one can cook Hot Pockets in a real don't have to have a microwave and that those old fashioned hot boxes called ovens really do perform a useful function.

Really, she is a good cook and knows how to use the oven, she was just used to having a microwave and now she doesn't have one at her new apt. I got the text about 10:30 p.m. Sunday saying, "I was just thinking, I got hot pockets and no microwave. lol. "

Received a gift in the mail from a friend on Friday....that made my day since the week was kinda tough emotionally....was nice to get something that made me smile. Thanks Rita!

My sons both received a go cart this weekend, it was used and Rob found it at a sale for $50. The boys loved it and are having a great time playing with it. It works, the couple's own kids had grown and they were getting rid of it. So, after helping move their sister in a whirlwind weekend, it was a small reward and they are having a blast.

Hope your last week was as blessed as mine. Talk to you all soon.

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