Thursday, February 4, 2010

Koda is my Baby Huey. He's turned out to be a GREAT dog. I am so lucky. But, he weighs a TON. He is still getting used to having a camera shoved in his face at any given moment and now, between him getting older, obeying most commands, an attention span that is growing a bit longer than that of a goldfish, and a new camera, he isn't just a blur when I start snapping away.

Someday he'll learn he just can't win the battle.....he must submit to my whims. He should be happy I am not dressing him up like a puppy doll! Muaaahhahahahahah

This time, he didn't break his sit and stay when I approached. And, I am not sure if he was distracted by Brandy or if he was telling me, "Get that contraption out of my face woman! You'll never get my picture."

In either case (I think the latter) he was a good boy.

He tried to ignore me
"Well, maybe. I must not act interested. I must not act interested."

But I persisted
"Will my, 'I'm sexy but not interested look,' work?"

Finally he started to work with me
"Or my, 'Who Me? I have no idea who got into the trash look.' work?"

Then he just took over!
"Okay, you win, here is my million dollar look. Get out of the way and let me work that camera!"

Maybe you all can help me with this one. It is either his, "Good Lookin' Bad Boy," look or his, "Quick, I need something to chase.Throw that camera!" look.

Then came Brandy's turn.

She's old hat at this and doesn't even run and hide anymore when she sees me approach with the camera. Now, she just finds ways to pay me back for subjecting her to the cruelties of photo shoots.

I don't know if this is her pensive look, "Crap not again look," or her "I've got something cooking for you," look.
OKay, here's my smile....she knows I won't go away without a smile!
and for the finale...

We find out it was her, "I've got something cooking for you," look!
Kind of like kids, you try and you try but someone always gets a picture of them picking their nose.

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We've got a jumper...

Well, not really but if you had the day I've had, you might consider it!

Nothing that I'm ready to jump of the bridge for but the old saying did make me think about the really cool bridge I found today in a small town I drove through while I was out and about traveling, working and researching.

Look closely at the floor (Floor? Is that what you call what is normally the PAVED portion on which we drive?) of the bridge.....makes you wonder what happens if you don't keep your wheels on the planks.

So, what do I do......

I drive...

to the middle of the bridge...


and roll down my window.

Hey, it was a cool scene and I wanted to snap a photo or two.

Then I drove on. Which makes sense. Until I realized that my window was still down and I could hear the snapping and cracking and squeaking of the wood planks as I rolled my little SUV across them. Hmmm, maybe this wasn't such a smart idea.

Needless to say, I'm here and blogging this so, I didn't go crashing into the icy waters below.

But I did get a chance to use my new toy.
Check out the new

Nikon D40

I'm so excited!

Kind of makes for a high point in an otherwise crappy day, doesn't it?

And it gives me reasons to check out old creepy bridges. If it weren't so cold outside I would have gotten out of my blazer and taken tons of cool photos.

Come on sun and warm weather!!

Till next time,