Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life interrupted......Missing kids

Okay gang, 
So I am holding off on the continuation of the update because of some breaking and very important news...

I am using whatever means necessary to help these kids and families. We have two area kids that have taken off and families who are in need of finding them. One is a 14 year old girl the other a 16 year old boy. I will post the details below with a picture but I am asking all of you who come across this to please forward especially if you have contacts in Arkansas, California or Colorado.

Authorities are stating that this case does not look good and the kids have been missing since Friday night, Oct. 17. 

This is a legitimate case - Please help if you can.



Christina Paige Alley, 14, and Levi Samuel Carlson, 16,  have been missing since Friday, October 17 when it is believed that Levi took Paige from a football game in Lathrop, Mo. According to authorities, the two were last seen between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. that evening. 

Christina is five feet, two inches tall, 130 pounds with auburn hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a royal blue in color shirt with lace on the sleeves, black
in color pants, and sandals.

Levi is five feet, eight inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes. He
was last seen wearing a black in color hoodie sweatshirt and possibly jeans. 

The couple were last seen in Lathrop and possibly headed to either California or Arkansas. They were driving a maroon, 4-door, 1996 Toyota Avalon with license plates PD0A5U. 

Neither Paige nor Levi have a Driver's License or much experience with driving a motor vehicle.  Levi is known to be bi-polar and off of his prescribed medications.  He has threatened suicide, but is not known to have a weapon.  

The destination of the couple is unknown. According to authorities, some friends of Levi's mentioned that Levi always wanted to be a "rock star" in California.  Paige has some biological family in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas Area.  

In an update issued on Monday, Oct. 20, authorities stated that information from sources advised that the pair may be headed to Colorado and that Levi had a guitar with him that could be used to pawn for money.  Levi was known to have mentioned wanting to live in the wild in Colorado to fish and hunt. Authorities are contacting pawnshops in the area to see if they noticed Levi or Paige selling any items for money. 

An Amber alert was issued for Christina late Monday Afternoon. 

Any with information about the teens are asked to please contact Clinton County Sheriff's Office at 816-539-2156 or call 911.

Please say a prayer for all involved with this case. 

Thank you my friends. Go home, hug your family tight today and know how blessed we all truly are.

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pam said...

My son lives in Colorado so I'm passing this to him and asking him to get the word out there.