Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My old man

My best pal is has been with me since 2000. I rescued him as a young stray and I, along with my family, fell quickly in love. I named him after an angel, Gabriel, because he came to me at a time when I most needed him. And I think if it were not for him, there are times when I would have just been plain lost. 

I am so grateful to have Gabe in my life. The other day I included him in my blog and then later that same night- as he sat on the floor with my one-year-old grandson, I thought again of how much he means to me.


I pulled out the camera and we had an impromptu photo session. He is not fond of the shoots, but he loves me so he tolerates it.


The vet says that he is about 11 or 12 years old in human years. And, Doc reassures me that my old friend is in great shape for his advanced years. I see him aging fast and it breaks my heart but I have promised him that I will make his last few years as comfy as possible. 

We jokingly call him Scooby because, though he is named after an angel, over the years he has proven his ability to  find his way into many, “Ruh, Rho Raggy,” situations!


We have been through a lot together and every once in a while, I just have to relish in the miracle of my pal.

"Be sure to photograph my good side."

"Oh, Don't forget to get my beauty mark."

"Okay, I'm done."

"Don't you have something better to be doing?"

"Really. Go away kid, you're bothering me."

I just love my old man.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The zoo

AFter fellow blogger,  The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond, kept going on and on about her stand in Charlie, who really is quite adorable (Gabe, you didn't hear that love.) I tried to share with her a picture of my own furry pal. 

Well, the link didn't work so I told everyone I'd post a picture of him here. so viola!

I give you Gabe:

My confidant, my pal, my Scoobie! Isn't he stylin' in his John Lennon glasses? I'm telling you he's all personality!

So I as bragged, guilt started to build. 
I couldn't mention my love and then, because our family really does have a big heart, not mention my husband's love. (Though I know she love me more we just don't share that bit of information with him. Its a secret love.) 

So here is me mentioning Brandy:

She's waaaay to smart for her own good. THis one's got some 'mad skilz' when it comes to brains. And, she's a camera hog...can you tell?

Then the guilt hit full force. 

These little buggars started out as something my sons just HAD to have....At first I thought they were cool. Then I thought I could kind of like them. And then....It happened. I fell in love again. I know, it is a face only a mother could love.....but the thing is....I really do!

They have the best little individual personalaties......

Here's Giz (short for Gizzard). Don't ask...the boys were running out of names by this time for creatures at our house. (Yes, this is just a sampling). Giz is the most recent family member - He moved here from a home that tired of having him around. We love him.

Majestic even.....

This is Godzilla - original, I know. He was our first Bearded Dragon. He is such a kind gentle spirit....really. He loves to just sit on your shoulder and watch the world go by. I like to think he would have a Ben Stein kind of voice and that same subtle humor about the world.
Also a rescue!

And absolutely.....


This is Saphera. She came to our family only days after Godzilla. When we got her she was no bigger than the length of your thumb. Really! Now, though the picture doesn't show it well - she is the entire length of my arm from finger tip to elbow. 

Well, there you have it....a continuing introduction to our zoo. You've already met the kids!

Have a spectacular day!