Friday, February 25, 2011

Stop already

I'm cryin' uncle here!

I’ve had enough of this…

And I’m ready for this…
Last night I walk out of my office to see this…

Of course I have to dig out and warm up my car.    
So, I trudge through the snow, open the door to my blazer, start the engine then grab the window scraper.

I turn to clean off the back of my car and this happens…
Apparently,  I'm not smart enough to wear appropriate foot wear for today’s mid-western weather.

I had some cold toes by the time I got back into my Blazer.
 Because, after the first time it happened….
I couldn’t manage to keep the damn shoes on!
 All to say,

I am ready for this…

        To turn back into this…

I dreamt of banana groves, Tiki's and Amaretto sours all night!

Thanks for skating by.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anticipating GiGi

When my grandson was born three plus years ago, I couldn’t have been more in love. It really is true what they say about grandkids. Late last year, our daughter and son-in-law announced the pending arrival of a second grandchild.

I am not sure just how to put my feelings in to words but,

Ya Hoo!

We are so excited, and then to find out that it was a girl made the upcoming event even more special.

Now we will have a grandson AND granddaughter.

My daughter is honoring her Italian heritage with the naming of her second child. Little Gabriella is scheduled to arrive around the 11th of July and we couldn’t be happier.  

Even GiGi’s big brother Jaden is gearing up with anticipation.

He has made it very clear however that he is not changing the "poopie" diapers. But he will share his old baby toys and that he will take care of his baby GiGi.

Today my daughter had a routine appt with the baby Dr. She texted me that she had a surprise. Her little family stopped into the office on their way home with this…


Isn’t life grand?

Even the sleet and snow outside isn’t fazing me today. 

    Wave bye-bye to the nice readers GiGi

 Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You have just been erased…

Words no one wants to hear. Especially when it means five years of files, photos, documents, programs, blood sweat and tears have just been sent rushing down the drain like an unclogged sink full of water.


Sure, I was able to recover some files. But five years of contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, you know, the stuff that is really tough to replace, those things are all gone.

Makes one feel a little numb…so I am off to go pout.

 I’ve just been erased! (I’m sticking my tongue out at the damn pc right now if you need a visual) I know, very adult.

If I would’ve bothered to back that very pertinent information up in a secondary place then, I wouldn’t be crying now.

I know that.

But I didn’t.

So I am.

Well, looks like my recovery process has completed and it is time to reboot….though when I rejoin my laptop, it won’t be with the same info or settings or even the garauntee that the stupid virus that caused this whole mess is gone.

It is kind of like living in a house, I guess. After five years, you have it just the way you want it. Then when it burns down, you are left with this very empty feeling. And it sucks.

No clever ending tonight folks…I’m just not there.

I’m off to go rebuild the geeky part of my world. Very big frowny face!

Hope your day was better than mine. And that you never have to be erased.

Lots of love