Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bad Blogger.....

Well, forgive me readers for I have sinned, it has been seven days since my last post. I am officially a bad blogger. please reserve my penance until you have read a recount of the whirlwind that is my life.

Prior to my last post we took the kids, minus one, to the KC Renaissance Festival. Stephan bailed on us to go hang out with his buddy for the weekend. I couldn’t even guilt him into it....I must be losing my touch. 

We had a great time though. Jaden was so fun, I think all the movement, people and colors kept him interested. And he had a great time trying on hats...

Okay, so it was us that had the great time while he tried on the hats, but I swear he didn’t mind.

And Becca....well she found the Sock Hut......She is one crazy sock lovin' girl!
I even ran into Mother Nature.....I was taught at a very young age not to upset this woman....they even made a commercial about that!
Megan got to play Fair Maiden at the Jousting event......
We had a family disagreement on which Jouster to support....of course there was the one who wore the faithful red and blue....then the others were black and gold....well KU was a given but the black and gold are also our high school colors....oh the delima.....Well half of the family went with the Knight in college colors and the other cheered for the high school representin' Knight....
Black and gold started of strong......but events took a quick turn for the worse.......
Yep,  college kicked high school's but and you would be correct in saying that they carried the dead, black and gold night off the field on a stretcher!
Jaden was all about trying to snatch the balloons of any unsuspecting child who wandered too close....
The food was delicious and the games were fun. I kicked Rob and Aaron’s butt in archery.
Look up....that's me winning! Look down....that's Aaron's first shot of the day....and to think he advanced to the crossbow after that.

The girls are convinced that they are going to dress up as fairies next year and join the fun.

I think this fairy meant business!

 Aaron just liked all the knives, jousting and bungee jump. Did you know that they had that event back then? 

Look at that girl in the background!

“Here ye, here ye.....everyone gather round for the royal bungee bounce. See how far you can fling your knights!”

Anyway, I had not been in years and it was fun but the characters did not seem to stay in character as much as they used to. Back in the day, I remember that the characters would really play the part and would try to engage you as those characters. Last weekend I saw texting-wenches, gum-popping fairies, cell phone-talking pirates and a few ipod-wearing gypsies. Few spoke in the ‘language’ and none of them, unless they were in a formal show, actually held character.

Here are a few miscellaneous pics from the day...

We still managed to have fun. People watching is one of my all-time favorite hobbies. 


"Grandma, can I have one of these to take home?"
Overall, the day was nice, not too hot or cold, lots of walking and then we went to dinner afterwards. Everyone was beat by the time we got home.

On a work note, I did find my new personal assistant this weekend though....

Now if I can just get the boss to budget him...

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day. Should have cleaned house but there was too much rest to catch up on. We watched football and spent time together as a family. I did spend some of the day messing around with my digital camera and its settings. 

Oh yeah...I lept ahead of the pack in my football pick by two! Yep, that’s right - I am the pick’em queen right now. 

I did get my new writer last week! Man that is a nice thing to get to say. Can’t wait until he’s acclimated and in full swing. Maybe then I’ll be able to schedule a few days off.  

Election propaganda is getting ridiculous and we are gearing up for the actual election coverage.

I am working on a surprise trip for DH....don’t worry, by the time he reads this we’ll have gone and returned so no worries. ….I hope. 

Christmas is only 64 days away so to avoid a panic attack I am focusing on Halloween - its only 10 days away. Thanks Carol for daily dose of terror as the counter numbers the day aways-guess you could say you’ve donated to my Halloween freight. 

I see this is getting pretty long…..I’ll post the rest in a second blog. Besides catching everyone up….it will look like I’ve actually done something productive!

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