Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Love

I love a pencil. 

March 10th Photo

I don’t care how much I’m on a computer (and I write for a living so that is a LOT ) I will never fall out of love with the feel of writing. The feel of the lead as it scratches across a piece of paper. I guess I just need that tactile satisfaction.

Plain and simple...
I like pens.

But I love a pencil.

I know - I’m very weird.

But I’m okay with it.

Okay - so it’s Tuesday’s photo and I have a ton of things to do....You almost got a joking comparison on why I love a pencil.

You know....Sturdy wood...Always says what I tell him to...Sometimes a little dull but can be sharpened...Doesn’t have to ask for directions because he writes them down...My pencil makes my fingers look skinny...Never argues with what I have to say...Erases his own mistakes....yadda, yadda, yadda, insert all the bad jokes here.

Trust got the better version by just hearing that I love my pencil.

Meet Catherine

She remembers celebrating the salmon runs in Oregon’s rich Columbia River. 

March 9th Photo(s)

Where the salmon were thick and plentiful and the river’s spray cleansed her soul. 

The first salmon run of the year always heralded a traditional Wasco Indian Celebration - traveling for four days in horse drawn wagons, gathering huckleberries and harvesting the salmon - just as her own mother had done. 

She is a Wasco Indian and has fond memories of growing up on the Warm Springs Indian reservation .

Catherine taught her own daughter, Mavis, the Wasco ways of knowing when the salmon would be plentiful.

“In spring, when the fields fill with yellow flowers, the rivers will fill with salmon,” Catherine says.

Meet Catherine...



She’s real.

Cherish your past.

A rare sighting

March 8th Photo
The average person would think that this is just an everyday photo. The average person would not realize that in this photo I have captured the rare, exotic, once in a lifetime, full on shot of my oldest male child.

Considering that this is a normal shot of my son:

Or the even more famous duck and cover maneuver....He's perfected this one!
So, to capture a photo like the one above, I have had to develop the stalking skills of a national Geographic photographer or resort to using my grandson (who ADORES my son & has Stephen wrapped around his little finger) as a tool for capturing my own son in pictures!

You know it is over when...

March 7 Photo
I drive by this location quite often and it always makes me laugh to see this monument to love.

At first glance it is nothing more than a stone moniker designating the homestead of the Thompsons.

At second glance you notice that all may not be well at the Thompson ponderosa.

Ronnie and his bride must have had a pretty good falling out.

Keep in mind this is one  BIG STONE. (The sign not Ronnie....I guess)

If you look very closely, on the left, where it names Ronnie and his bride....well, she is no longer named....and yes, there used to be a name there. 

Wonder if she got that part of the ponderosa in the divorce....or if she pissed him off so bad he chiseled that sucker right outta there!

Wow, bet there's a story behind that one...and I am sure he hired some company to come out and remove her name from the stone.

But it is more fun to imagine him out there with chisel in one hand, hammer in the other and him just sweatin' away his frustrations as he chips away at her name until the last reminder of her is gone!  

Can't you just see it?????

I can, and its pretty darn funny.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blooming Orange

March 6th Photos

These flowers are from a dear friend's funeral on Wednesday. 
A couple of the arrangements ended up at my house and by today 
the gladiolas were just beginning to start blooming. 
They are absolutely beautiful. 
I thought I would share a shot or two 
or even three with you.

Okay, so the last one isn't of a gladiola but a carnation....It is still very pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you all soon. 

Can you see what I see?

March 5th photo

What do you see?

Most rooms in my home are fairly modern. And,  I guess, so was this one until I pulled up the carpet that someone laid in our master bedroom's bathroom! 

(Sorry if I offend anyone....Well, no I'm not...but anyway....I will never understand why anyone in their right mind would ever, and I mean EVER, put a full floor of carpet in ANY bathroom.)

So now when I am occupied in the bathroom (how do you say that with class?) I tend to stare at the ugly, gold flecked, 1970's, did I say ugly?, linoleum that covers the floor of my bathroom. 

Now for those of you who know me this next statement is not likely to come as such an odd one...for those of you who don't know me, well, your just lucky to not have experienced this twisted world I live in. 

As I stare at this freak of home design nature I tend to see things. (Yes, I know what this sounds like) I do this with a lot of items that have patterns to them. When you get down to it, its a bit like cloud watching, only different. 

I've been known to see horses in bare tree limbs, faces in walls, The Virgin Mary in my mashed potatoes...not really on the last one but you get the point. 

So, as I asked you before...what do you see in this picture?
Me? I see a face.
A face wearing glasses.
Hell, maybe it's Lennon. 

Oh Crap! John Lennon is watching me in my bathroom!

Okay, this rant could just get worse (or maybe it can't because I'm the only one that is likely to see just where this could go.) so I'll end it here.

Have a great day. Talk to you all soon.

Don't point your fingers just yet...

I haven't fallen off of the photo wagon already

I have not posted them due to lack of time but I have taken my picture a day so I will get to posting them right away!

Here is my photo for Wednesday the 4th. 
I caught our guys putting out a fire. There were a lot of hay-bales lost in this mess. Not a good thing when this is the feed that get many farmers through this time of year!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can’t wait for Spring to spring!

I am tired of being cold. 


I have had to be outside quite a bit for work lately and BBBBRRRRRrrrrrrr....I am NOT a cold weather person....unless of course I am experiencing it  through a double paned window from inside my  warm home with no reason to venture out. Then, snow it beautiful! 

I’ve decided to try to snap one post worthy photo a day for a year.....please muffle your snickers.....I thought maybe it would help me post more regularly on this blog. 

My basement is still studs, cement and insulation, no progress there. It’s been too cold and life has kept us too busy. 

My youngest daughter is starting her Jr. year panic about college after she graduates high school, I just keep telling her to take it easy concentrate on her grades and the rest will work

 itself out. I’ll admit that she is my drama queen but she is a great kid, has an even bigger heart and is dedicated to going after what she wants in life and succeeding at it. I am really proud of her. 

What are some of  your stories for getting your children through that stressful time? 

Well, it is still early in the day and I need to get some work done so I’ll talk to you all soon.

By the way.... whoever stops in to my humble little place here on the web....thanks, I really do appreciate you all.


Now, here’s a photo or two from this morning....what you won’t see is the ice and snow on the ground!  But it does look like there may be love in the air for this little Red Bird and his friend. 

Have a wonderful day.