Thursday, March 12, 2009

You know it is over when...

March 7 Photo
I drive by this location quite often and it always makes me laugh to see this monument to love.

At first glance it is nothing more than a stone moniker designating the homestead of the Thompsons.

At second glance you notice that all may not be well at the Thompson ponderosa.

Ronnie and his bride must have had a pretty good falling out.

Keep in mind this is one  BIG STONE. (The sign not Ronnie....I guess)

If you look very closely, on the left, where it names Ronnie and his bride....well, she is no longer named....and yes, there used to be a name there. 

Wonder if she got that part of the ponderosa in the divorce....or if she pissed him off so bad he chiseled that sucker right outta there!

Wow, bet there's a story behind that one...and I am sure he hired some company to come out and remove her name from the stone.

But it is more fun to imagine him out there with chisel in one hand, hammer in the other and him just sweatin' away his frustrations as he chips away at her name until the last reminder of her is gone!  

Can't you just see it?????

I can, and its pretty darn funny.

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