Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meet Catherine

She remembers celebrating the salmon runs in Oregon’s rich Columbia River. 

March 9th Photo(s)

Where the salmon were thick and plentiful and the river’s spray cleansed her soul. 

The first salmon run of the year always heralded a traditional Wasco Indian Celebration - traveling for four days in horse drawn wagons, gathering huckleberries and harvesting the salmon - just as her own mother had done. 

She is a Wasco Indian and has fond memories of growing up on the Warm Springs Indian reservation .

Catherine taught her own daughter, Mavis, the Wasco ways of knowing when the salmon would be plentiful.

“In spring, when the fields fill with yellow flowers, the rivers will fill with salmon,” Catherine says.

Meet Catherine...



She’s real.

Cherish your past.

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