Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello..... Again

So I discovered I had this long forgotten blogspot page since about 2006. I stumbled across it while following a couple of friend’s and some family and realized I had forgotten all about it. Story of my life.... getting lost in the aftermath of chaos never to be found again (well, or to be tripped over at a much later date). I must have thought at one  time I had something  profound to say. We all see where that one went. 

Anyway, I thought what the heck...I’ll try it again. I still don’t have anything of importance to

 say but hey, If you’ll listen, I’ll talk. 

My life is crazy; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a 40-year old mother of four great kids (Okay-you caught me on a good day) and my husband and I have been married for about 22 years.  I am a writer - yes, someone actually pays me to babble like this - and this last year I became a grandma ~~shiver~~ If I didn’t love that baby so damn much I’d crack in half at the thought of the word. 

Am I that old? 

We are a family of 7 and the grass does not grow under anyone’s feet in our house. 

I work full time, rule 4 kids, hold positions on 4 different boards, volunteer for six community programs and I'm sure there  is more I have forgotten but I'm sure I'll remember about the time I am due for a meeting! You can hear about it then. 

My husband, well, if he would ever come down off of that cloud he’s been on since his grandson

 was born, has finally slowed down enough to enjoy the family and simple pleasures of fishing, 

camping and just hanging out with his family. He spent many years working hard to take care of us all while the kids were little and I went to college. He deserves some well-earned take-it-


I do believe next to the birth of his own children, this was the happiest day of Rob’s life...

Watch closely, you’ll se a reoccurring theme here. 

Meg, my oldest, is a cosmetologist and mother of the cutest grandbaby in the world. She's got a chair at a great salon here in town. We’ve told her that if she ever moves out.....Jaden has to stay. I really have to say that she is a great mom. I am pretty proud of her - she does a good job.


My baby and the boy of her dreams.

Becca, she’s my youngest daughter and quite the songbird. Don’t let that innocent smile trick you though.....

she can be a stinker. Despite her incredible God given talent to be a drama queen, she has got a killer voice. 

She’d rather be singing than anything else. This last year she traveled to NY to perform at Carnegie Hall with her Jazz Choir. When she’s not making me pull my hair out, she really is quite loveable. Yes, Becca - I said it.

Blessed with the gift of gab and love of attention - she is always the star.


Stephen, now you know the commercial where the parents go on vacation to capture the teenager’s smile? Well, that is what I have to do to get a picture of my oldest son. Computers, FFA  and the outdoors make this kid tick.

However, getting the boy and a camera to go together is like forcing the positive sides of two magnets together. But, I  manage to get a click or two in here and there. 

See, he wasn’t looking!

He is probably smarter than many adults I encounter. I swear he’ll be the next Bill Gates.

Too damn smart for his own good, Stephan is at his happiest when armed with a fishing pole and his tackle box. 

Aaron, my youngest, is the musician of the family. That gift came from his daddy. Try as I might, animals everywhere plot my demise when I touch an instrument. Much like his father, Aaron has taken up the trumpet. He is the youngest, and only non-high school student ever asked to play with the HS Pep band. He has been awarded the Director’s award every year he has participated in band. 

It isn’t hard to find him....just listen for the music. 

When he isn’t playing the role of student, musician or 13 year old’ll find him working on our friend’s farm. He loves it and is already making plans for the future. 

Then there is the greatest baby in the world. He needs no explanation. 

And here is with grandpa...


and again...

See the theme yet?

Well, there you have it. The basics. I guess you’ll get to know me if you hang around and I decide to talk. Feel free to drop me a line -  love to meet new people. That is one of the best things about my job.


So, here’s to the new ‘old’ site. Let’s have fun with it.



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