Friday, September 19, 2008

GIrls night out! Well, maybe.

Well, so much for girls night out to the Royals game. ...


First,  I get these killer tickets to the  game - club level - six of them. Rob is playing cards with his buddies on the same Friday so  instead of family outing - it gets to be girls night......YEAH! (Can you tell I don't get as many of those as I would like.) 

Sooooo, I round up the girls. Beer, hotdogs, ball at the park....I can't wait. Really. Next to Hawks basketball, its golden.

 We plan all week. We'll hit a restaurant in Liberty on the way then its off to park. It's Fireworks Friday too!

Well, one by one the mighty fell. Work, Family, Family event, illness - the reasons start to roll in Wednesday and

 continue to flow until I am left all alone. Dumped. Sigh. Well - I guess I could clone myself and have one hell of a time. 

Nah.....too much me. ~Shiver~that was scary. 

Anyway, guess I'll just hang my head and either go alone, or call some more friends (to tell them about these last minute tickets I picked up) and hope they don’t throw my out of the car on the side of the highway because they find out I didn’t call them first!

Go Royals! Hope I’m there to see you tonight.

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