Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day one

So today was the first of 30 to take part in Jillian's 30 day Shred! It kicked my butt!

Glad its over.

As I rushed from the first ass-kicking session in an effort to make my Tues night class on time, I was not sure my legs would hold out.

I arrived at class, caught my breath ten minutes later, waved my arse over as it came sliding in behind me twenty minutes into class.

All was fine until class was over and I stood up. My thighs had somehow turned to rubber during the hour and a half I sat in class.

I'm happy to say I managed to get to my car without any problem and now I'm home. Time to hit the shower (my apologies to the girl I sat next to in class-dont think I smelled too badly, but just in case ;)... Sorry)

Only 29 more to go!


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