Friday, February 25, 2011

Stop already

I'm cryin' uncle here!

I’ve had enough of this…

And I’m ready for this…
Last night I walk out of my office to see this…

Of course I have to dig out and warm up my car.    
So, I trudge through the snow, open the door to my blazer, start the engine then grab the window scraper.

I turn to clean off the back of my car and this happens…
Apparently,  I'm not smart enough to wear appropriate foot wear for today’s mid-western weather.

I had some cold toes by the time I got back into my Blazer.
 Because, after the first time it happened….
I couldn’t manage to keep the damn shoes on!
 All to say,

I am ready for this…

        To turn back into this…

I dreamt of banana groves, Tiki's and Amaretto sours all night!

Thanks for skating by.


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