Friday, September 9, 2011

Say a little prayer....

...for success. We are attempting to create a skype session between Peru and Cameron on Sat evening to share a little international fellowship and youth interaction. Stay posted for updates on the place, time and opportunity to atttend.

Until then, here are few photos from the last few days. Hope you enjoy!

Touring Azapampa the first day
Streets of Huancayo
Street vender in Huancayo

A family of Azapampa

Street woman in Huancayo

The little red church in Azapampa, Caesar, Gracie, Ruth and Donna

Common roofing of the housing in Azapampa....if they have roofs

Living in Azapampa

Rachael, a girl of Azapampa. She is a daughter of one of the families we've helped. She will have a forecver place in my heart. We shared some great moments and you'll hear stories about her later.

The playground in the back yard of the little red church in Azapampa.

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