Monday, September 5, 2011

D'Anna Balliett
Just checking in with everyone. Service will be spotty until we arrive in Huancayo. Everyone is safe, enjoying our exposure to Lima and as of 10 mins ago, packed onto the bus and headed for Huancayo. Before we pulled out- our photos were taken for our identification should we plummet off the side of the mountain at anytime during this 9 hour bus ride. Lol. Would it matter at that point?

Sorry for the crazy broken up posts from earlier. I was attempting to post from my phone and I think it broke the messages up into so many characters.

As I am typing this, our bus driver is battling it out with another bus. Literally. They are fighting for position and the two buses are so close, our bus driver reached out and started banging on the other driver's window! Guess we lost the battle, angry bus driver #2 refused to back down, bumped our bus and went ahead of us. City road rage has nothing on Peru.

I'm signing off to enjoy more incredible sights from the safety (did I say safety?) of my bus window. Ill post photos later.

With a new appreciation for US traffic laws,

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