Friday, August 5, 2011

Livin' la vida loca...but lovin' every moment

This morning I opened an email from a friend inquiring about an upcoming trip of mine. As I responded to her message about how a normal person might stop and think twice once realizing they were preparing to pack up thier youngest child and schlep across the world to a foreign country with a very small and unknown support system, it dawned on me...

I don't think I've shared the fact with you all that I am headed to the mountains of Peru in Sept.

My friend asked if I was excited yet.

I answered that I have been excited for awhile. But now, the 14-day trip is only 30 days away, and I'm beginning to get a little nervous. Of course, not nervous enough to cancel the trip, but the legistics of this trip are beginning to creep into my thoughts on a bit more regular basis.

It takes me well out of my comfort zone.

Let me explain...

While I attempt to juggle being a faithful follower of God, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, boss, employee, productive citizen and decent person just like everyone else, when it comes down to it- I am really a very average person. I work hard to fulfill my responsibilites in life. I am not rich, I am not privledged. I did not come from great means and have been providing for myself and living on my own since I was 17yrs old. I am very solid in my comfort zone, in the here and now. Where anyone or anything can throw any problem, cause or situation my way. And I, with my life experiences both good and bad, will stand flat-footed and confidently brave my way through whatever life throws at me. I am confident in the outcome.

I was married at 18, a mother at 20. At 27 I had a husband, 4 kids, two dogs and barely enough money to pay the bills. To be honest, we didn't always have that. I went to college after my youngest child was born. My husband and I both work, I have two kids in college, one in high school and one with her own husband and two kids.

I live in the midwest and have only traveled to 8 out of the 50 states (and one of those shouldn't count because it was via the airport during a layover!)

Oh and one more thing....despite 6 years of Spanish and 4.0 gpa....I do not speak enough spanish to fill a cubo! (That's bucket in spanish...and I had to look it up!)
The reason I am doing this loco (spanish for crazy and I knew that one!) thing?

Well, in addition to being nuts myself, my son and I are part of a mission trip headed to Asapampa, Peru for 14 days to help a village recover from some horrible flooding issues.

The area and our liasons there have a long standing relationship with our specific church and the leader with which we will be traveling. Between this and the strong calling I feel to be a part of this mission, I am putting my faith in God that if I work to do my best through this situation- He will bring us through safely and more fulfilled than ever before. (still can't say I didn't waiver when having to fill out and notarize the death notification paperwork...YIKES!!)

I know it will be the experience of a lifetime for us both. And, I hope for my son especially, a very eye opening and humbling experience! I feel like he really needs to realize the world around him more than he does. Please say a little prayer for all of us.

With all that said...

We are SO excited!

I will be holding two Skype sessions between the kids here at home and in Peru. One with our local middle school spanish class and one with our church youth group.  I can't wait to see their interaction.


Providing internet service cooperates, I will post daily or attempted daily, blogs with updates on the people, our experiences, activities, reflections and photos  so that should be fun as well. I think I am even going to have my son write at least one post from his point of view.

I can’t wait to meet the people in Asapampa. And I can't wait to share it with you!

The mission leader, a very active lady in our church, has years of photos on her page. I will ask for her permission to post some of them on this blog, but in the meantime, you should be able to see them here  Gracie Feese under the photos link. Let me know if this link does not work for you.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you! I'll be posting a series of blogs sharing our preperations of the trip as Sept. 3 nears, so stay tuned!



K9friend said...

How exciting! Not only a wonderful experience but such a worthy reason to go. I'm sure this is something you'll remember forever.


Tonya said...

You are going for a great reason and I think you will have a wonderful time!

hmmm, wonder if anyone will be watching your house very closely in the daytime. Wonder if someone would notice if I snuck over and used the pool. Ya, probably so. LOL

Have a great time!

Marti said...

Blessings, love and prayers to all of you as you step out in faith to work and bring love and hope to our brothers and sisters in Peru. Reading your blog and seeing your pictures brings back wonderful memories of our time in Huancayo. Give our love to Cesar & Karina and the boys. In God's love, Marti Koch