Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long time, no blog

I just suck at this consistent blogging thing...guess life is way to busy for me. So I'll just keep doing the best I can!

This was a banner week in our lives....
Gabriella was born on July 14th!
Grandbaby #2 was born!
Day two...

Day three...

Day four....dressed to come home!
And Big Brother was ready to lend a helping hand at a moment's notice!
(Sans any dirty diapers, puking or loud crying! He made well known what he expected his 'helping' to consist of. )
Super J!

Yes, it was a week of beautiful gifts in our lives....even the flowers in my back yard were blooming in celebration! 

And, literally,  the banana trees grew over a foot in just a few days! the leaves are 4-5 foot in length!)
I had to use my camera phone for these photos so they do not really do justice to these plants....I'll post better when my camera returns from documenting Gigi!

So relaxing to be surrounded by!
They are loving this heat while we are waiting for a break. Temps rose to over 100 degrees this week.....thank God for the a/c!

Well, I must get back to my day but I wanted to share the news!  Have a wonderful day!


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Tonya said...

I'll leave a comment on this blog and reply to your other stuff a bit later but I can't reply to any of are a no reply blogger. Have you ever heard of that? It means when you leave a comment for someone they can't reply. There is setting to change it. Anyway, send me an email or something and I'll reply later on tonight...after the concert. I go there to let Stephen run around and wear him out. LOL hillbillyhandiworks at gmail dot com