Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Banana Grove...Score!

Now I don't know that six whole banana trees constitutes a grove, heck I don't even know if you call a forest of them a grove. I do know that I am one happy camper since, not only did I get my full size banana trees Saturday, but that I got them PLANTED the same day!
Last weekend I planted over 120 Rose-of-Sharon's that will make an incredible privacy fence next year.

Now, it's simply a matter of time before I am sipping my coffee, tea or amaretto (depends on the moment and mood of the day) in a floral sanctuary, under giant leaves of banana trees while surrounded by my burning Tiki's,

listening to the running water of my ponds and fountains,

and enjoying the various gardens

and potted plants arranged along the deck in my back yard.

my own little piece of heaven on earth..

Even the lizards are happy....


Now it all may be a just parts of my little backyard in the community where I live....but I love it! It's my private little get-a-way when I can't get anywhere else.

Where is your someplace private or special that you like to just sit and relax? Maybe it's a place you travel to. Or maybe, it is a place that you have created for yourself.

Oh, and that contest....I've got my idea. So surf on over tomorrow and I'll post the details.

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