Friday, February 13, 2009

Ms. Cranky Pants

 I don’t have many days that drain me but today is dreary, cloudy, my head is pounding from a sinus headache and I just have no energy to get going. It really is just a blah kind of day. I have clients to meet with and I would rather be curled up in my bed under my comforter snoozing the morning away instead of talking advertising or doing interviews. The office is quiet this morning and while usually that is a welcomed (and RARE) event, today the lack of chaos is making me want to crawl under my desk and sleep!

 I am off to get meetings out of the way.... maybe I’ll be in perkier spirits upon my return!

 Have a wonderful day...hope it is sunny where ever you are.

 Arrrgh! I just went to post this little ditty and you know what.....I couldn’t get signed you know why???? Because someone using my computer decided to sign me out so that they could access their own blog when they should have been working!

 This is my computer and occasionally one of my part-time writer’s needs to access something via my Mac...well I have found she likes to sign in on several programs that bump me when another user signs in. This really pisses me off.... so, I guess I’ll have to have the talk.

  One would think that when one is a ‘guest’ on another’s computer...especially when the guest is using the computer for work reasons....that the guest/employee wouldn’t take the time to be screwing around!

 I’m off my soapbox and off to reset all my damn passwords.... talk to you all soon.

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