Monday, August 8, 2011

28 days and counting

Gracie has given me permission to share these photos with you. There are so many. So today, I will just be sharing photos of the village (Azapampa, Peru..near Huancayo in the mountains) where we will be concentrating our main work efforts this Sept. There are many places to serve but this location is where we will be working to help families repair their homes due flooding last winter. We will be pouring concrete floors, plastering and painting.

I can't imagine having to live out my daily existence in these conditions. How devastating the rains must have been for them. The first group of photos are from February of this year, right after the floods. 

mucking out houses

pasture fencing collapsing

mud is seeping into homes

plaster coming off of saturated adobe walls

mud, mud, mud

This is the road into Azapampa

waterlogged adobe walls

digging little trenches trying to stop the water from getting in houses

trench dug by the church keeping the water out

more damage

dirt floors were saturated

discouraging work

Saturated adobe walls disintegrating

One of the flooded homes


more walls falling down

the floors are getting undermined by the water

standing water everywhere

they tried to bucket the water out

I believe these photos (posted within the last week or so) are a more recent view of what the families have had to live with since the February flooding. I apologize for the varying sizes, the photos were downloaded straight from another site. 

I'll never bitch about water in my basement again!

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K9friend said...

Wow! You're right. Our troubles are so few compared to what's happening over there.