Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review...

Hello gang,
Just thought I'd share my year in pictures with you.
January brought snow.....
 In February the winter storms wouldn't stop

March brought St. Paddy's Day fun...

and Tornadic destruction!
Elections were the rage
 and Baseball took the stage.
 April showers....

...brought us May flowers, 

 and Camping Trips!
June brought Wedding announcements,
and new Family members.
 In July...
We said Goodbyes. 

We said Hellos.

We Roasted Hogs...
and planted Banana Groves!
In August
momma was given

a Backyard Makeover!
 September found a TeePee full of fun...
and treasured family time took over.

 October geared up with Pumpkin Parties, 
 wedding preparations,

the arrival of Iron Man,and the cutest Mickey Mouse ever!
It snuck in a hip replacement

and a rare photo of a treasured Senior Prom Moment!

November refused to be outdone! 
and on the same day, we celebrated a 3rd Birthday...and then rushed to the ER with a Dislocated Hip!
There were announcements of a new baby
to come next July.

 Scares of Cancer touched us all and Drs. removed an Ovary and a Tumor before they told us we could sigh a breath of relief!
(acutal tumor!)
 By the end of the month, with a clean bill of health for all, we had much to celebrate that Thanksgiving  and spent the day and night laughing, loving and joyfully crying!
 December was nuts, with a Wedding, Christmas and the prayer of no more traumas!

We shared Special Moments,

Treasured Memories, 

And we
for all of the BLESSINGS bestowed upon our family this  year!

May you all have a safe and wonderful New Year!



Carol said...

Oh, I love this post!!!! The bride was big surprise there....the tumor was horrific! Glad you are all well, happy and my friends!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Wow!! What a year!! Wonderful and terrifying review!

That tumor! WHOA!!! Scary dislocated hip! Lots of joyful moments!

D said...

Thanks ladies for the comments....yes it was both a terrifying and blessed year. I'm just glad we all survived it so well.

Yes Carol, thank you and I agree, the bride was beautiful!