Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey all, it has been awhile. Thought while I had a few rare moments I would update you on the crew, our life and what’s next.

So, here goes…

Koda ran away.

All the way to the other side of town to live with his new boy…..

My grandson!

He did it under the clever guise of spending a night or two here and there and then one day never came home. What a conspiracy!

It was hard to see him go…still is at times, but I do get to see him and can go visit anytime I want. It also is nice to know he is there protecting my loved ones when Matt is away in the evenings working.

But, do you know what than means then?

It means this….

We have a new little fur ball in our midst.

(That’s him taking over my office chair at work)

Mickey is a sweetie and fits in well with everyone, including Brandy.

Speaking of which, Brandy is still the same ol’ ornery, yard-escaping, deck-eating, storm-hating, critter chasin’, very precious fur ball.

Aaron finished out his freshman baseball season with a lot of hard work and wins. He went on to compete at state as a trumpet soloist and placed well. He’s now spending his summer days working as a farm hand.

Rebecca celebrated her high school graduation and just completed college orientation yesterday! WooHoo….from senior in HS to a freshman in college….mama is soooo proud of her baby girl!

Stephen, my ever-elusive teen, is enjoying his senior summer just takin’ it easy, despite the urging of mom and dad to, ‘get a job.’

Meg has announced her engagement (we kinda knew it was coming since her hubby-to-be asked Rob for permission to propose a while back.) So a few short weeks ago, the girls and I, my sister-in-law (Meg’s Godmother) and a few nieces went dress shopping….whew, That was an experience!

p.s. That’ not the dress…we’re keeping the ‘one’ a secret.

Rob, much like myself, is keeping busy with work, family and life.

So there you have it, well most of the major parts of it anyway, on what’s been happening over at my place since I last wrote.

I'm off to get started on my busy weekend.....Happy Father's Day to any of you father's out there who may be reading this (Well, and even to those of you who aren't reading it.)

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Carol said...

Good to see you! Glad the family is well...congrats on the wedding....boy, your grandson has grown a lot since the last set of photos! Miss ya!