Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We've got a jumper...

Well, not really but if you had the day I've had, you might consider it!

Nothing that I'm ready to jump of the bridge for but the old saying did make me think about the really cool bridge I found today in a small town I drove through while I was out and about traveling, working and researching.

Look closely at the floor (Floor? Is that what you call what is normally the PAVED portion on which we drive?) of the bridge.....makes you wonder what happens if you don't keep your wheels on the planks.

So, what do I do......

I drive...

to the middle of the bridge...


and roll down my window.

Hey, it was a cool scene and I wanted to snap a photo or two.

Then I drove on. Which makes sense. Until I realized that my window was still down and I could hear the snapping and cracking and squeaking of the wood planks as I rolled my little SUV across them. Hmmm, maybe this wasn't such a smart idea.

Needless to say, I'm here and blogging this so, I didn't go crashing into the icy waters below.

But I did get a chance to use my new toy.
Check out the new

Nikon D40

I'm so excited!

Kind of makes for a high point in an otherwise crappy day, doesn't it?

And it gives me reasons to check out old creepy bridges. If it weren't so cold outside I would have gotten out of my blazer and taken tons of cool photos.

Come on sun and warm weather!!

Till next time,

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Carol said...

Woo hoooo! Love the new camera! Look forward to 'seeing' more of your world!