Friday, December 4, 2009

Mania, Monsters & Monk

Hi Gang,
well I guess I'm off to a rousing start on catching you all up, huh?

As overwhelming at this last week has been let's just start there. I have never, and I mean never, since starting this job, been so glad for Friday. I normally could take it or leave it when Friday's come because I love my job. I really do. This week has just been one of those times when you stop yourself and take a good long look at why you chose to do what you do.

At one point this week, I entertained the comparison of how much more enjoyable my day would become if I picked up the stapler calling to me from the corner of my desk and gouged my eyes out with it. I quickly decided against was not dull enough.

So, it is Friday. I am leaving slacker, "I just work here," employees who will never measure up to my personal standards at the door when I walk out of it. Monday is a new day and we will start again....hopefully without the high dollar faux paus, shitty I just work here attitudes and the believe that the company should be grateful to them that they just show up to get a check every pay day.

In the last 8 months there have been cancer scares, career chaos, household remodels, teenage meltdowns, antics and attitudes and somewhere along the feels like a couple hours of each day have been stolen.

Oh, and the arrival of a new pup into our family, who, by the way, I now affectionately call baby huey.

This little guy.....
(and yes, he is a guy...he was playing with a ribbon off of my Mother's Day package and had flipped it onto his back.....I had to snap the picture. It was too cute.)

THIS little guy,
so cute....and cudley.....

turned into my new baby Huey overnight....

Exibit A:(it is likely this picture was taken after he ate his weight in puppy chow, ran after and retrieved an untold number of balls, toys, socks, you-name-it, with a, "pant, pant, pant, please throw it again," look

Exibit B:(This mouth watering picture was likely taken as we arrived home from the store with a rather large bag of replacement puppy chow!)

I have started work on my new book...don't ask. I am very excited about this one and will entertain the idea of putting up teasers at some point but we are a way off from that.

Becca has, I think, made a decision on what college she wants to attend next year.

Aaron has made honor band with an invitation to try out for state band.

Steven has found love (but I am not supposed to tell anyone so keep it on the down-low)

Megan is looking for a new career...while she loves being a hair stylist...she is finding life isn't always what we want and sometimes we have to make sacrifices to live in this world.

I am now officially the General Manager of the newspaper

Rob is happy at his work and perfecting his BBQ smoking techniques at every opportunity.

Brandy is getting old and lets Koda know in no uncertain terms when she has had enough.

Koda is eating his way to Utopia.

Well gang, in a very tight nutshell, there you have it. My crazy life update in a 10 minute blog.

It is late and I have a date with Becca to watch the final episode of Monk in 45 minutes...we've been planning this for months now. I think I have it all solved. I know why Trudy was killed! But, who knows.....they could throw me for a loop.

Becca claims I have ruined the finale for her (I HAD to tell her my version of what happened- I have to be right and beat them to the punch like that.)

I'll let you know if I was right...Talk to you all soon.

Have a great and relaxing weekend if I don't post or hear from you sooner!


Carol said...

Wow! Look at your pup! Sorry to hear you have been going through so much! Congrats on the promotion! Miss ya!

Jenny said...

It doesn't sound like work has been super sweet to you lately! But wow, you get to come home to that sweet little puppy. And I want to hear about the "old" book. You said you are working on a new one. What happened before? Hey, I'm nosy. It's a curse.